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A Hem’ Netjer working at the temple.

Hem’ Netjer concept art

Hem’ Netjer promo art

Hem’ Netjer is one of the species in Spacebase Startopia.

Hem’ Netjer are a quirky, religious species that manage to awaken the desire for Divinity and spirituality in other species. When they come on board, they can often be seen on the Fun Deck, where they try to convert other aliens. Once you hire a Hem’ Netjer, he or she will build a temple on the Bio Deck to satisfy the need for Spirituality. (In game description)

Until Hem’ Netjer arrive on board no visitors will have a need for spirituality, they have it themselves and encourage it in other visitor races.

Hem’ Netjer are unlocked, as well as their prefered biodeck soil type (swamp) as part of the upscale tourists category.