Spacebase Startopia Wiki
The Fun deck

Fun Deck is one of the main locations on the space base in Spacebase Startopia. The fun deck is unsurprisingly, where visitors go to have fun, thrills, game and gamble. There also buildings to satisfy the basic needs of the more demanding visitors.

Unlike the sub deck, the fun deck require Energy distributors to power buildings in every section apart from the first one.

Each building has an energy cost for visitors to use, displayed in the build menu. Adjustable rooms also have a cost, but this is not displayed and may be variable based on what equipment is used in that room.

The fun deck can have the following buildings/equipment placed on it.


Various decorations can be placed on the Fun deck. They cause positive votes and 'happiness' in guests. They do not require power. Both the fun deck and sub deck have their own different decorations, as well as some in common.