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Bugrathorians at communication center

Bugrathorian Promo art

Bugrathorians are one of the species in Spacebase Startopia. These aliens are introduced in Tutorial: Introduction: Construction as workers of the Communications Center.

Bugrathorians -- also known as Bugs-- are a telepathically plague species that will telepathically communicate all of their thoughts to others unless they talk almost incessantly. Perfect as communicators. Work in the communication center. (in game description)

Bugrathorians prefered Bio deck environment is rainforest.

Bugrathorians are one of the first races to visit your station and do not need to be unlocked as part of building categories.


  • Until possibly quite late in development Bugrathorians could be DJ's in the space disco. This can be seen in the opening cinematic and some concept art. In the game proper Celebramer are the only race that can run a space disco.
  • Bugrathorians reaction to being hired or promoted is to give a quadruple thumbs up.