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The Bio Deck

Terraforming menu, showing all soil types.

Bio Deck is one of the main locations on the space base in Spacebase Startopia. It allows aliens to fufil their need for familiar flora (nature) need and can be used to create resource crates.

Players can find an introduction to the Bio Deck in the game's tutorial.

The Bio deck can have the following buildings/equipment

The Dryads work and live here. Plants on the bio deck can be harvested for resources, either manually by the player, which destroys the plant or automatically by dryads which keeps the plant intact.

When a Dryad is employed they create a Bio station, which is a berth equivalent for Dryads. Each Bio station supports two dryads.


The Bio Deck can be terraformed into nine different landscapes, one for each visitor alien and another that does not produce resources but its plants produce a lot of oxygen. Each Different landscape has two different plants that can grow from it, usually one tree and one smaller plant, with the exception of the lunar landscape which has two small plants. Several of the land types available must be unlocked from the research menu.

Below are the land types that can be applied to the Bio deck, what species prefers them and what resources their plants can be harvested for.

Oxygen crates are not harvested from any plant but appear based one how many plants are on the Bio Deck. Contraband crates also appear on the Bio deck, but don't seem to be linked to any land type. There is also a single plant that grows in water.

Only a few Bio deck environments are unlocked at the start of a game, others must be unlocked as part of a building category along with their connected visitor race.

Terrain altering[]

From the terrain part of the terraforming menu, the ground can also be raised or lowered, as well as adding water.

The nature lovers bug[]

An unfortunate bug appears to affect the Bio Deck in Spacebase Startopia - Standard Edition (version 1.42), aliens, both visitors and staff get stuck on the Bio deck trying to fulfil their 'need for familiar flora' (nature). This causes their other needs to drop to critical levels and their anger to rise, ultimately causing them to leave the station. The only way to stop this is currently to use a H.E.D 'Fragrant grove ' on them while they are on their preferred bio deck soil. This will often allow them to move on to fulfilling other needs, hopefully before they reach 100% anger. While this 'fix' may work on individual aliens or even a group, it doesn't solve the underlying problem. The only other thing that drives aliens of the Bio deck is needing medical attention. This can be forced using the H.E.D 'plague in a jar', but this is not a practical solution either.

(Bug fix in Testing)[]

One possible way to prevent this bug may be to prevent all of the Bio deck being planted. Simply stop the dryads from planting every available bit of land. To do this wait until the bio deck is nearly covered in plants and then shut down planting via the terraforming menu.

Verdict: This seems to function as long as the game is not reloaded after saving.